Sunday, 10 March 2013

FREE video series: From Purpose to Business

Making money is a touchy subject.

Some people would have you think you can just hang out on the couch, eat bonbons and think abundant thoughts... and voila, you'll get rich.

Then there's the drill sergeants people who shout that you have to work! Work hard! Sleep when you die! (Yikes.)

Well, if you have a business, then you know that neither is very effective.

And that's why I'm writing this post.

My friend Christine Kane has posted a FREE video series about a whole new model to making money in your business.

Look, it's one thing to know that money flows into your business.

It's a whole OTHER thing to know how to orchestrate that flow.

That's EXACTLY what Christine is going to teach you in her free Money Master Class.

Money Master Class Training - you can register here.

Bottom line?

You'll walk away from this training more confident.

You'll walk away knowing how to think differently about money and how to design the business that works for you -- and the ideal life you want to have.

And best of all, you'll walk away knowing what to do to double your income over and over again this year!

Hey, that's WAY better than bon-bons. :)

It is free and you can register here.

Love & light, Andrea

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