Welcome Braveheart to my blogchallenge!

How it works:
Every second Monday/month we will inspire ech other with our creativity!
You will know the topic and you create a blogpost about it. Everything is possible! Do what you love!
Paint, write, take fotos, make collages, poems... get inspired and inspire others.
English OR German

You will:
Post it on your blog.
Link back to my blog.
Leave a comment here on my post.
Link back to your blog.

That's all.
Have fun!

We are honest.
We do not write rubbish.
We are careful with our comments.
We love and respect each others.
We comment on other blogs.

Dates& topics: 2013

1st: Vibrance
22nd: Ease

6th: Leap
20th: Allowing

Love&light, Andrea


Unknown said...

Hello here.
Just come back to see if I can post comment.
Thanks ! :D

Jeannie said...

coming over from Creative Bloggers to join in on your smart heart art and to be a follower. Looking forward to the challenges.

Sage Grayson said...

Looking forward to it!

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla said...

Hello Andrea,
thank you so much for your invitation to your blog challenge. I regret, but just before Christmas I have no time for challenges. But thank you, that you thought of me. ♥ Conni

Deborah Lynn said...

i want to play!

Anna said...

love to join!

Hooda said...

Looks fun... looking forward to what everyone posts.

Andrea said...

Wonderful Lovelies- let's start a Blogchallenge Revolution! Love to see what everybody creates! Andrea

Unknown said...

Hi Andrea,

I love this idea of blog challenge.
I have recently started with my blog and I am quite a newcomer and would love to get feedback and also I love to share insights.
Have a wonderful time, Barbara