Monday, 24 December 2012

Blogchallenge on Monday: B.L.i.S.S.

A very merry happy X-Mas to YOU!

Our today's topic is BLISS.

I remember when I travelled the first time to the U.S. this summer I have stayed in a very cool hotel, the W in Atlanta. And guess what: The showergel and the bodylotion was called BLISS.

I loved it and I have to admit that I put all the small tubes into my little bag. Everytime when I smell it I automatically feel like I would be there!

I love when things are simple. And bliss feel like that. It is flowing. A wonderful emotion. Looking back to my past year, there have been so many magic moments filled with bliss.

2012 was an excellent year, full of huge changes and moves forward.

I visited my beloved place St. Ives. That place where I am full of happiness. All started with my dreambook and my intention to visit and meet new people. At the end of this year I can say that I have been there 3 times, which is pure magic. And I met so many wonderful heartcentred people.
And I even had the opportunity to be on stage with my one women mime show: From Mona to Lisa- the Universe of women- and the space sold out.


This year I also met my coach Christine Kane. Again, it started with my Vision- Dreambook 2012 where all of sudden I realized that it was full of the colour GOLD. So that was pure bliss- I knew that I would be able to sign up for her Gold Academy which I did indeed.

I also was gifted to finally be able to sell my fathers house to a person I truly adore. I was very closed to give up, to loose hope to find someone who appreciate the house the way it is.
The day when the "house to sell"- advertise was over I got a phonecall. 3 weeks later I gave my beloved key to the most perfect person in this Universe!

Bliss means for me: To trust and follow my heart. To step up and speak my truth out loud. To never give up even if it looks like there is no way. To believe. To be brave. To live my vision. To feel true passion. To tell people that I love them even if I take the risk to get red cheeks. To be me a 100%.

This is bliss. This is life.

Trust your heart.

Be brave, Breaveheart!

Your story matters!


Please share in the comments below one moment full of bliss from your past year.

PS: If you are interessed in my intuitive Dreambook Quickstart Session, then please contact me at mail (at) andreahiltbrunner (dot) com. Togehter we will create your vision for 2013! LOvE!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Blogchallenge P.L.A.Y.f.u.L.N.E.s.s.

What a great word- playfulness. As a mother  I am still in this playground world and I am so happy about that. It is  the energy of playing that really lights me up.

I am an idea person and I see many bulbs in my idea heaven. But life sometimes has it‘s moments when I feel stuck and my idea doesn’t want to advance.

That’s  the moment when I sit on the floor of our  living room, and then I start to play. Full attention.

To PLAY with my FULL attention. You see that combination, don’t you?

So first, I change the direction of where my attention goes.  This alone shifts my whole energy.

In less than 10 minutes.

Easy stuff!  No need to blame yourself for beeing stuck. Just get out of it, change your attention, do something else…, - play. If you have a dog or a cat then play with them. They will adore you. You will adore them.

And that is our purpose to this world- let’s make it a better place.


Start today and share in the comment below:
What brings you to the energie of playfulness?

Saturday, 8 December 2012

DIY- little notebook

What a wonderful opportunity to be invited to be part of 25 days of the handmade Christmas at

So I have choosen to make something quite simple.
I made a painting and took a photo from it.

I then made a little photocopy, resized it and cut it out.

I own several little notebooks, scetch books like this one here.

I took some gel medium and glued it down.

As a dreamcoach I love to help to connect with their passion so that they can find their true mission and vision for their live. That is why I love to add lovely messages to my paintings, or cards or books.

I hope you enjoy this DIY and I wish you a beautiful Christmas full of love and that all your dreams come true!

Love & light,