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My name is Andrea Hiltbrunner and I live in the Alps of Switzerland.

I am Andrea Hiltbrunner, and I help creative and heartcentred women to connect with their passion so that they can find their true mission and vision for their life.
As a professional Mimeartist I also help you to fall in love with your body, to step into your power, to be fully present and boost your charisma.

I am deeply convinced that everyone has its unique power and gift and that we all have a breaveheart.

I took my own heart into both hands and left my beautiful country, house and job and moved to Paris, France- with one deep desire:

To become a student of the most beautiful Mime Artist  Marcel Marceau.

It was the right decision and I connected with my passion. This was the beginning of a wonderful journey, a big belief in life, that there is a mission for everyone.

After some years when I moved back to my country I got very clear about my purpose for my life.

I am now a creative entrepreneur who love to inspire people to connect with their passion, mission and vision and to love who they are truly meant to be.

Connect with me:
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I love to hear from you!