Wednesday, 25 July 2012

2 days left

Ich kann es selber kaum glauben, aber es ist soweit. In zwei Tagen werde ich nach Atlanta fliegen und einer meiner grössten Träume geht so in Erfüllung!
Ich bin unheimlich dankbar für diese Möglichkeit! Unheimlich aufgeregt und nervös!
Eine perfekte Mischung!
Wenn ich Coachingkunden habe, und ihnen dabei helfe ihren Traum zu leben, dann ist immer eine Prise Angst, eine Prise Aufregung und sehr sehr viel Begeisterung mit im Spiel!

Wir werden in einem tollen Hotel sein. Hui, mein allererstes Mal in einem Wolkenkratzer!
Sowieso- mit 38 zum ersten Mal in die Staaten, alleine!
Wir werden von Christine Kane soviel lernen!
Mein Herz schlägt für diese Momente!

Und meine Freundin aus New York wird mich in Atlanta besuchen! Wir haben zusammen in Paris Pantomime studiert und sehen uns wegen der Entfernung nur sehr sehr selten!
Jetzt kommt alles in wunderbarer Weise zusammen!

Danke-danke-danke LEBEN!!!

I hardly can believe it, but in two days I will fly to Atlanta and one of my biggest dream will come true!
I am so grateful for this big opportunity: So much exited and really nervous! It matches perfectly together!
When I help my coching clients to live their purpose we always realize that it includes a pinch of fear and exitement and a lot of enthusiasm.

We will all stay in a wonderful hotel. It will be the first time for me in a skyscraper... 38 years old and the very first time in the United States.
We all will learn so much in these days, Christine Kane is the perfect mentor to me.
My heart is beating for this event.

My best friend from New York will come down to Atlanta and stay with me. We both studied Mime in Paris and due to the huge distance we don't meet very often.
Now everything comes together in its perfect way.

LIVE- thank you, thank you, thank you!

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LEAVE a comment: What is your dream?

LOVE, Andrea

Monday, 23 July 2012

Flower- Tour

Mit Fotoapparat den Blumen in meiner Umgebung entgegen.

Towards the flowers, equipped with my camera.

Geniesse deinen Sommer!

Enjoy your summertime!

Love Andrea

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Ich habe Lesley in St. Ives kennengelernt und bin so überwältigt von ihrer Arbeit. Nun bin ich über ein neues Bild gestolpert- natürlich nur im übertragenen Sinne!

Es heisst FORCE of CALM
und du findest es hier:

Als Pantomimin liebe ich die Ruhe und die Stille über alles! Und als Dreamcoach spüre ich auch bei vielen Menschen die Dringlichkeit nach Ruhe!

Welcher Aspekt in deinem Leben sehnt sich JETZT nach Ruhe? Wie gönnst du sie dir?
Bitte teile es im Kommentar!

I met Lesley Ninnes in St. Ives and I am deeply touched by her art and her personality! When I visited her blog I saw her latest painting named FORCE of CALM. Please visit:

As a Mime I am absolutly in LOvE with calm, inner peace and silence everywhere. And when I coach people to live their dream I often realize that they do not allow themself to have periods of rest.

So for todays comment, please share which part of your live needs a rest. How do you honour it?

Thank you for beeing here, LOvE Andrea

Friday, 13 July 2012

Longing for colours!

Farben- Farben! Ich liebe euch!
Colours- colours- I love colours!

Im Moment könnte ich Farbe trinken! Ich liebe die Farben, die um mich herum sind.
I am really attracted to colour- I could even drink it!

Ich lade dich ein zu meiner virtuelen Farben-Tour, mit Bildern, welche ich in den letzten Monaten gemacht habe und mich heute angelacht haben.

Discover with me the colours in my neighbourhood. I 've made these pictures in the last couples of months.

Bilder und Farben aus St.Ives- St. Ives- is always my love!

Dieses Hummerchen-Beinchen habe ich am Strand von St. Ives entdeckt.
Wow, I found this lobster on the beach in St.Ives.

Grün, grün und nochmals grün.
The green looked amazing.

Im Hafen von St.Ives habe ich ungefähr 20 Aufnahmen von Seilen gemacht. Das Licht und die Farben waren wunderschön.
I made about 20+ pictures from ropes- St.Ives harbour!

Gelb- dich liebe ich heute besonders!
Du gibst mir Frische und Energie!
Yellow- the colour I love the most today. I feel so energized with that beautiful colour!

Welche Farbe spricht dich heute am meisten an? Wo entdeckst du sie überall?
Wie wirkt diese Farbe auf dich?

Which colour do you need today? Where do you discover it ?
How does this colour affect you?

Hinterlasse einen Farben- Kommentar!
Please share your experience in the comment!


Monday, 2 July 2012

Atlanta- I am coming!!!

This is a story as in a book of miracles! I am jumping around for the last couple of weeks and I am still not tired, my muscles get trained! Why am I singing and jumping?
I will fly to Atlanta and meet my mentor in person: Christine Kane!
And here I will share my story but first I want you to ask this question:

Ready for a fresh, new perspective? Watch Christine Kane’s new video and learn how to Uplevel your business in a BIG way!

And now watch the video before you read my juicy story!


Here's my story:
In december 2011 I organized a special Dreambook- Event! I invited people to my studio to create a
visionboard for the coming year:

I guided them through, how to make it, we made a little meditation, very soft and sweet and then we got creative.

Here is my dreambook:

In every Dreambook-Event I give them very personal feedback about the very next steps they can make. I do this in an intuitive way, I hear them, I see them and I feel them. I got so many wonderful feedbacks after the events, sometimes 6 month later, that the power of our evening is still working!

So, coming back to my own picture, I realized some days later that there was so much gold on it. This made me jump, it just boosted me away.

Christine Kane has a programm called GOLD.  It is a mastermind programm for business owner. Like me.

I knew it will come true, I felt it, I really really could hear my heart wisper! I knew that I would meet her. That I would fly for the very first time to the U.S. (how cool ist that!!!!)

Then I got the news that she will teach a programm called: Uplevel your business.
I waited for it about 6 month! Honestly, I asked her team 5 times when they would bring it out.

On that day, this wonderful day!!! my laptop, my internet broke down! Just some hours before her call, her offer. I called my friends, again and again and then at the end, I found someone, a very*very kind person (love) who invited me to use his internet.

I bought the programm the very first moment she was telling me that it is open for registration.
I was so quick!

Here is what happened:
I got a free ticket to her event!
I was even so fast that I won a VIP ticket! Extra time with her!

You know what- I went home and I didn't even think that it might be possible to fly to the States.
I am a mama.
Oh my god, that was a limited belief!
I got help- so quickly, that I realized my luck only some days later!

I am surrounded by love and by help!
I have the biggest smile on my face!

Yes! Atlanta! Yes Christine! I am coming!!!!
I am a 100 % commited!
I am grateful for this opportunity, for my live!

It is time to spread my wings!

If you wanna fly as well, here is your chance:
very soon it will be fully booked!

Love and dancing!