Monday, 2 July 2012

Atlanta- I am coming!!!

This is a story as in a book of miracles! I am jumping around for the last couple of weeks and I am still not tired, my muscles get trained! Why am I singing and jumping?
I will fly to Atlanta and meet my mentor in person: Christine Kane!
And here I will share my story but first I want you to ask this question:

Ready for a fresh, new perspective? Watch Christine Kane’s new video and learn how to Uplevel your business in a BIG way!

And now watch the video before you read my juicy story!


Here's my story:
In december 2011 I organized a special Dreambook- Event! I invited people to my studio to create a
visionboard for the coming year:

I guided them through, how to make it, we made a little meditation, very soft and sweet and then we got creative.

Here is my dreambook:

In every Dreambook-Event I give them very personal feedback about the very next steps they can make. I do this in an intuitive way, I hear them, I see them and I feel them. I got so many wonderful feedbacks after the events, sometimes 6 month later, that the power of our evening is still working!

So, coming back to my own picture, I realized some days later that there was so much gold on it. This made me jump, it just boosted me away.

Christine Kane has a programm called GOLD.  It is a mastermind programm for business owner. Like me.

I knew it will come true, I felt it, I really really could hear my heart wisper! I knew that I would meet her. That I would fly for the very first time to the U.S. (how cool ist that!!!!)

Then I got the news that she will teach a programm called: Uplevel your business.
I waited for it about 6 month! Honestly, I asked her team 5 times when they would bring it out.

On that day, this wonderful day!!! my laptop, my internet broke down! Just some hours before her call, her offer. I called my friends, again and again and then at the end, I found someone, a very*very kind person (love) who invited me to use his internet.

I bought the programm the very first moment she was telling me that it is open for registration.
I was so quick!

Here is what happened:
I got a free ticket to her event!
I was even so fast that I won a VIP ticket! Extra time with her!

You know what- I went home and I didn't even think that it might be possible to fly to the States.
I am a mama.
Oh my god, that was a limited belief!
I got help- so quickly, that I realized my luck only some days later!

I am surrounded by love and by help!
I have the biggest smile on my face!

Yes! Atlanta! Yes Christine! I am coming!!!!
I am a 100 % commited!
I am grateful for this opportunity, for my live!

It is time to spread my wings!

If you wanna fly as well, here is your chance:
very soon it will be fully booked!

Love and dancing!


sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Have a great time Andrea - hope that the trip is a huge success for you. x

suzi said...

Good luck, I wish you well, looks like a great program, can't wait to see how high you fly :)Suzi

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Das tönt ja alles mega spannend!! VIEL Spass und Erfolg in Atlanta und ich hoffe auf einen GROSSSEEEEENNNN Bericht mit vielen Fotos hier im Blog :-) Alles Gute, MONIA

Unknown said...

See you in Atlanta. Maybe we will both hop and dance. Lillian UYB