Sunday, 19 May 2013

It is coming to and end- it is time for a new start

Dear Braveheart Blog!
You have been my love and a place for so many Bravehearts. You inspired others, you created lovely Challenges and you have opened so many Hearts.

You were born out of my heart and we were walking our journey together, imperfectly, but with intention, love and laughter.

Now it is time to embrace a very new beginning.

I want to have a place where I can create everything by myself. Where I might  be less attractive to all the smapers out there.

A new place that shows fully who I am and how I work. A sacred place for growth and inspiration.

A new place that vibrates high and that is is pure allignement with me and my heart.

I leave this place like this and invite all of you, lovely Braveheart to come and see my new place.

The challenge that would come up tomorrow with the topic of Allowing will take part on May 27th on my new place.

Blessings, Andrea

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