Monday 10 December 2012

Blogchallenge P.L.A.Y.f.u.L.N.E.s.s.

What a great word- playfulness. As a mother  I am still in this playground world and I am so happy about that. It is  the energy of playing that really lights me up.

I am an idea person and I see many bulbs in my idea heaven. But life sometimes has it‘s moments when I feel stuck and my idea doesn’t want to advance.

That’s  the moment when I sit on the floor of our  living room, and then I start to play. Full attention.

To PLAY with my FULL attention. You see that combination, don’t you?

So first, I change the direction of where my attention goes.  This alone shifts my whole energy.

In less than 10 minutes.

Easy stuff!  No need to blame yourself for beeing stuck. Just get out of it, change your attention, do something else…, - play. If you have a dog or a cat then play with them. They will adore you. You will adore them.

And that is our purpose to this world- let’s make it a better place.


Start today and share in the comment below:
What brings you to the energie of playfulness?


Frauke Moebius said...

Hi Andrea, what a lovely post! Yes, I think the world becomes a better place when more people play.

And if anyone here feels too old to play, here's a way of tapping back into your own playfulness:
Allow Yourself to Play

Have a wonderful day playing in the snow!
- Frauke

Esther Lankhaar said...

Here's my entry Andrea!

Esther Lankhaar said...

Don't know why my link didn't show up as a you know what went wrong Andrea? Will post my post on the CC page to.

Fauke Moebius said...

you need to put the url into html language, then it'll show up as clickable. Like this:
<*a href="insert link">Link text<*/a> (except without the stars, I only added those to keep the code visible. Hope that works, since I cannot edit the comment.)

Andrea said...

Esther! Thank you so much for beeing part on my challenge! I will visit your blog now! Love and play, Andrea

Andrea said...

Frauke, you are fabulous! I love and apreciate so much that you show up on my blog! This is great!

Thank you also for the technical support!

I will visit your blog now too!
Andrea from snowy Switzerland

Sage Grayson said...

Beautiful post, Andrea! Sorry I'm getting over here a day late! I love the idea of playing using your full attention just like we would for our work. Great idea!

Here's the link to my playfulness post:

Andrea said...

Dear Sage, such a lovely post, haha! I love all of your ideas! Let's dance! Andrea

suzi poland said...

Andrea, I was sorry to be unable to participate in this challenge, especially such a fun theme. Life was so busy with the start of my 1000 words for Summer project and travel all at this time. I love your images. I have had much fun with my project and welcome you to participate and play along if you would like to. You can find links on my blog.