Monday, 11 February 2013

Blogchallenge: A.L.L.o.W.i.N.G

Hello and welcome to my blogchallenge on Monday.

Today's topic is: Allowing.

So I allow myself to share 3 photos from my favorite place in this world instead of writing about it.

I took those pictures last year in wonderful St. Ives, Cornwall, U.K. The place where my heart feels at home and I am deeply in love with the messages on the pictures.



Please let me know in the comments below: What do you allow yourself today?

Love & light!

Happy announcement: At the end of February I start my very spacial interview series here on my blog. I am so happy to share all the gifts from very inspiring people arround the globe.

There are 2 spaces left. So If you would loved to be interviewed just let me know in the comments.
I will the choose 2 people and contact you directly (please share how I can contact you, website, email or facebook).


Melyssa said...

Andrea, I have been following your blog ever since starting Creative Courage and I loveLOVE that you engage your readers with things to help them think and get creative. You inspire me. :) I am from California, but I'm living in Tokyo now, so if you have any need for an interview from a global gal then let me know. :)

Frauke Möbius said...

I love your pictures. Allowing is so important, I very often use it in my tapping phrases. I teach people to "allow" themselves the good things they want, so they can overcome inner resistances.

Today, I'm stressing about a lesson I need to prepare for my new online class. I now allow myself to relax and let inspiration come, so it can be an easy, effortless process.

Feels much better already.

Oh, and I'd love to participate in an interview for your blog. :)

Andrea said...

Melyssa, that sound amazing! Thank you so much for your feedback. I truly love to inspire others! I have been in Mime school in Paris with people from Tokyo. I will let you know about the interview! Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

Frauke, isn't it amazing how often we get stressed about all the "shoulds"? And then how great it feels in your heart and body when we just allow ourself to be?
Love, Andrea

Stacey Pruim said...

Well, I've had a lesson on the difference between giving power to resistance or to allowing this week.

Allowing wins. I'm allowing myself to be curious and not NEED to find answers, rather call them in with the space I create for them.

Andrea said...

Oh Stacey! How beautiful to have you here! What you are sharing is gorgeous! Thank you!

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! I allow myself today to accept what is. I must trust that life will unfold as it should. Today I allow myself to rest in divine order and abundance and know that things as as they should be.

Sofia Dabalsa said...

xxx just love you pictures!!

Tayla Anne said...

The photos are beautiful and you are all inspiring! I would love, love, love to be interviewed by you<3

Sage Grayson said...

Hi Andrea! Your pictures are beautiful. They make me want to relax on the beach. I think I could use a vacation. :)

I would love to do your interview series, but I need until Thursday to finish answering the questions. If you still have space for me, please schedule me for any day that is open.

Here is my link for "allowing":

Julie Maloney Handmade said...

Hi Andrea, I have just found you via Wild Sister. I would love to be on your blog. Over the past 12 months I have been studying with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach. I am due to graduate at the end of this month. My passion is to work with women to help them make healthy food and healthy lifestyle choices. I will be launching my business in March: Julie Maloney Health Coach. I will be working with clients via telephone and Skype doing private health coaching. I will also be developing ebooks and leading workshops. If you wish to have me on your blog, you can email me at: I blog at: I would love to hear from you, Julie xxoo

Andrea said...

Tayla- I have 100 photo of that place! I am deeply in love!

Andrea said...

Sage! You are so so welcome! I will head over to your post! And please make a holiday in Switzerland!

Andrea said...

Julie, thank you! That is awesome what you do! I keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, I have to be honest to is my third trial to write this comment on your blog as I had to work on it how to publish.
I love your blog and have just started reading it. It's profound and very deep. This is what I need at the moment messages to get back to simplicity and slow down. I tend to distract myself just to avoid to connect with my intuition and inner wisdom. I tend to listen to my fearful inner critics more than to my butterflies in my stomach. I come from Vienna originally, moved to Australia 2 years ago. Since then my world started to be upside down literally. I have started a training in Shamanic Midwifery, which is so powerful. I have not started a business yet AND I do have a dream of connecting women on deep feminine wisdom, sexuality and passion. I would love to be interviewed. By the way I have got swiss relatives around the Vierwaldstaedter See. I loved to be there during my childhood where I felt really loved and nurtured. I allow myself to BE ME, which is sometimes very vivid and colorful and then scary, really scary as well. I allow myself to walk in light. I allow myself to speak up and get MY message out into the world. I allow myself to follow my inner wisdom. Thank you so much for your inspiration and your courage. Salut, Barbara

Unknown said...

Hi Andrea,

Okay, I have got the message. I allow myself to be visible on google as well. This is an update of my previous comment.

Herdis Pala said...

I allow my self to be me and to happy in all my imperfections.

I would love to be interviewed in your series :)


Andrea said...

Barbara! Thank you so much- you are doing great! How wonderful that I inspire you to step up and to be seen! Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

Dear Herdis! Me too! I allow myself to be imperfect! That is great because it keeps us creative and dynamic! I will keep in touch for the interview. Andrea