"Something truly magical happened."

"When Andrea first told me about her Dreambook Readings, I wasn’t sure how they could help me but I was curious to find out more.

We chose to focus on my work, which is something I already have a strong heart connection with but this process enabled me to connect even more deeply and make exciting new changes!

Andrea sent me heartfelt guidance on how to create my own dreambook and I dived right in. What a gorgeous experience and Andrea’s reminder to connect with my heart rather than my mind throughout the process of crafting the dreambook was permission to discover the truth deep in my heart and the new directions that needed to emerge.

During our coaching call, Andrea held a loving space for me to talk about my dreambook and I was amazed to find that new insights and ideas emerged that I hadn’t even been conscious of while she listened. And then something truly magical happened. Andrea reflected back to me the messages she received from my dreambook and I sat with tears pouring down my face because it was like she could see my soul.

She confirmed to me that I was ready to make big changes and motivated me to make steps. As a direct result of our work together I’ve started running again – a practice that brings much-needed fire energy into my work and I’ve set up the Soul Sanctuary: a series of workshops which I also plan to offer online. I feel much more confident about what I offer and I am now taking steps to transform the ideas from our work together into new services and products for my business.

Andrea is an incredibly intuitive guide who holds a space for dreams to take flight and become real. She will gently show you what your heart and soul are guiding you to do. I highly recommend her beautiful work if you need clarity, guidance or encouragement to make your dreams come true."
Jackie Stewart.

"My life-changing days with Andrea"

Recently I was very lucky to be able to spend 5 days with Andrea. I can’t believe how wonderfully different my life is now compared to the day she arrived. I had been in a very unhappy state for a long time and could not sleep properly or concentrate on my work as an artist or anything else. I had ceased to enjoy my life and cried a lot, I referred to my home as the crying house. When she arrived I tried to put on a brave face and pretend I was OK. Very soon I was telling her my problem with tears running down my face. Andrea listened, then talked to me & told me I would sleep well that night. I did, and have slept most nights since. She put my problem into perspective & made me feel that I was worthwhile, that I could achieve happiness & satisfaction through my art, my home & my cats and lots of other things. She made me realize that I am strong enough to accept the situation that had broken my heart and that I have the capacity within myself to put it behind me, mend my heart and go on to achieve great happiness. Within a few days of her I arrival I found myself singing inside & looking forward to the wonderful things that I intend to do. On the final day as she left I cried with love for Andrea, I also cried with happiness & relief that the cause of my pain & grief was now quietly asleep in a comfortable corner of my heart. My new life had just begun.

Marika, United Kingdom

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