Work with me

I offer Intuitive Dreambook Readings - this lights my heart up! I love to see you reconnect with your heart and see that everything is within you!

YOU are beautiful!

Open your heart and invite your wisdom to shine bright!

DArE to Be UNiQuE!

Intuitive Dreambook Reading

You & I

both listen to the whispers of your heart.


get my E-Booklet: Dreambook-  where I share my own technic on how to create your unique and powerful Dreambook


connect with your heart and create, in a wonderful athmosphere at your home, wrapped in your inner beauty, YOUR Dreambook


send me 4-10 photographs


dive deep into your Dreambook and connect with your heart energy

You & I

will spend 45- 60 minutes together on Skype and dig deep into:

what your Life's Path and Purpose are

where your energy wants to lead you

what your next steps are

what is true for you

what your heart desires

You & I

after 2-4 weeks we will spread our wings and Skype for 30 minutes

and see what already has happened, what wants to unfold

we dream big and map out your next steps.

Get inspired!


"Something truly magical happened."
"When Andrea first told me about her Dreambook Readings, I wasn’t sure how they could help me but I was curious to find out more.Andrea is an incredibly intuitive guide who holds a space for dreams to take flight and become real. She will gently show you what your heart and soul are guiding you to do. I highly recommend her beautiful work if you need clarity, guidance or encouragement to make your dreams come true." Jackie Stewart
You will feel absolutely light and free.
You will have so much energy after our reading and you want to take action and step into your own power.
You will feel aligned with your heart and creativity
You will feel gratefull for your life!
If you would like to shedule your session or to know more about it, please contact me at:
mail (at) andreahiltbrunner (dot) com or on Facebook .
Love & light!

If your mother tongue is German  I invite you to visit my website:

I believe in you and in your dreams!