Monday 5 November 2012

h.e.A.R.T. Blogchallenge on Monday

Welcome to my second blogchallenge! Todays topic is:  heART!

I truly believe that our heart is full of wisdom and that we can find every answer, every inspiration in our heart.

As a dreamcoach I help people to connect with their heart again, with the whispers, with their wisdom. When we find that connection again true magic happens.
I hear my clients speak in a different way, the voice gets clearer, the energie flows and they start to shine. I am always full of happiness when I can be part of that journey!

For this blogchallenge I have chosen to combine heart & art and created a painting called:
What makes your heart sing?

I first used lots of different paper, glued them on my little canva. I used lots of acrylic and painted over the whole collage.

I love birds. Our garden is full of them! And my logo is the feather (

"What makes your heart sing?"- please ask you this question and share your answer in the comment below!
Love & happiness,



Herzlich Willkommen zu meiner zweiten Blogchallenge. Das heutige Thema heisst: Herz

I bin der festen Überzeugung, dass unser Herz voller Weisheit ist. Antworten und Inspiration liegt in unserem Herz!
Als Dreamcoach unterstütze ich die Menschen darin, sich wieder mit ihrem Herzen zu verbinden.Wieder darauf zu hören, was dir dein Herz zuflüstert. Wenn wir uns darauf einlassen, geschehen wahre Wunder.
Meine Kunden haben dann eine andere Stimme und eine komplett andere Energie. Ich bin jedesmal sehr berührt, wenn ich mit dabei sein kann, wenn eine solche Veränderung gschieht.

Für die heutige Challenge kombiniere ich das Wort heart und art- Herz und Kunst. Ich habe ein Bild gemalt mit dem Titel: Was lässt dein Herz singen?

Dazu habe ich verschiedene Papiere auf meine kleine Leinwand geklebt und dann mit vielen verschiedenen Acrylfarben darüber gemalt.

Ich liebe Vögel und unsre Garten ist voll davon. Ebenso ist die Feder mein Logo (

Bitte teile im Kommentar, was dein Herz singen oder höher schlagen lässt!

Herzlichst, Andrea


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea! Your collage is beautiful. I've always loved birds. We have lots of ducks and geese in our backyard. What makes my heart sing? Happy music, good books to read, my puppy, and feeling connected to other people! :)

Thanks for hosting the blog challenge. Here's a link to my post "When Your Heart's Not In It":

Sage Grayson said...

Oops! My name didn't show up in my comment. That first comment is from me, Sage Grayson! :)

suzi poland said...

Andrea, Your little bird is very sweet., tweet, tweet! Thanks for this lovely topic "Heart" for your second Blog Challenge. Setting my heart free makes my heart sing! So here is my card "Set your heart free" you can find on my Blog here:

Andrea said...

Dear Sage! I can't believe that I will see you in a week! How wonderful ist that!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and having fun! Andrea

Andrea said...

Dear Suzi, your gift to your dauther is wonderful! It is so lovely to have you here on my blogchallenge! Isn't it crazy how we are able to connect around the world?Love, Andrea

Fern Spackman said...

Hi Andrea -- I just posted my "heart art" and some of my thoughts behind it:

I love your bird and the message you've included with it. The question is a good reminder.

Thanks for hosting this blog challenge. I look forward to seeing other people's interpretations of the theme.
-- Fern : )

Lori said...

Andrea- thanks for the inspiration heart challenge. Love your bird and the message. You can find me here:

Frauke Moebius said...

Dear Andrea,
just got my blog post up. I love your idea, and I'm linking all blogposts for the challenge in my own post. I think it would be a great idea for everyone to do it - we'd get lots of mutual linkage that way.

Anway, here's mine: Heart-centered

Cheers, Frauke

Andrea said...

Lori, thank you very much! I love your message about the love tree! Do you live in New York? I will be there on next Saturday and Sanday! Flying over from Switzerland!
Love and light, Andrea

Gloria said...

Hi Andrea, I love your art, what a precious bird. ♥ It was my intention to join you in this blog challenge. I sat and wrote for hours about what is at the heart of my business. It brought up so much stuff so much gunk, so much treasure. The challenge is I didn't quite get any of it edited in time. The beauty is there is gold in there. I am immensely grateful to you for your encouragement to write. When I post my blog I will be certain to link back here. You have become part of my inspirational tribe...I adore you for that.

Andrea said...

Dear Frauke! Thank you for your blogpost about heart-centred! I stoped by and left a comment! Andrea

Andrea said...

Oh Gloria! Thank you so much!!! This is indeed heart touching for me! And you know what! My challenge doesn't need to be always on time. So when you are ready just link back so that we are all able to visit your post! Love and light! Andrea

Esther Lankhaar said...

Here is my entry Andrea!
I like your heart-art!

Andrea said...

Wow Esther! I love your work! Thank you for beeing here! Love, Andrea

HowtoBEaCOOLoldLady said...

ooh I love it!! and its such a great question. I love you being a dream coach, is that a new title? or way of describing yourself. its great. I shall try and get a heartsong art work to you!!

HowtoBEaCOOLoldLady said...


HowtoBEaCOOLoldLady said...

oh have you taken off that captcha thingy!! thank you!! it was driving me mad!!

Andrea said...

Dear Moyra- yes I am a dreamcoach! This is a beautiful job- I can tell you! Love and light and that all your dreams come true! Andrea