Monday, 4 February 2013

Blogchallenge: F.O.c.U.S.

Welcome my lovely Bravehearts to my Blochallenge! Today's topic is FOCUS.
Focus has been my word of 2012- and what a journey it has been. So many dreams came true, so many miracles have unfolded.
I love to take photographs and flowers are my muse.
I am a lover of mother nature and its wisdom. So today I want to FOCUS on the beauty and the significance of mother earth.
As a Dreamcoach I always encourage people to unfold their dreams. There is so much beauty in this process.

You have the potential, the wisdom of your heart. You are loved, you are BEAUTY.
Focus on that!

 Open your heart! See with your heart!
There is a miracle waiting only for YOU!


You can trust your DreAm!
I SEE YOU, You are BeaUtiFul!
Please share in the comment: Which dreams wants to unfold?
Love&Light, Andrea
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Deborah Lynn said...

I have created a post on my blog,
yet I am a newbie to linking.

Esther Lankhaar said...

Beautiful flowers Andrea! Aee with your heart: I can relate to this. I wrote a blog about this and about focus on my blog:

Esther Lankhaar said...

Still don't get how to make a "clickable link" to my blog in my comment.

suzi poland said...
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suzi poland said...

Andrea, it's lovely to join you again and see all your gorgeous flower photographs. Here is the link to my blog, the final in my 1000 words for Summer project - after glow. It's a long one, all about focus and how things get done. How dreams can come true. Here is the link:

Andrea said...

@Deborah, I sent you a personal message with all the details! Great that you are here! Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

@ Esther! I love your painting! I am so happy that it worked and I will find out how you can make a link we all can click on!Andrea

Andrea said...

@Suzi! It is deep deep winter over here in the Swiss Alps! So I was really longing for some flowers! But in Australia it must be really hot right now! Thank you so much for being here! Love, Andrea

Sage Grayson said...

These are beautiful flower photos! I want to unfold my dream of helping women make their lives sweeter. I also want to focus on taking care of myself this year. Here's the link to my post:

Andrea said...

Aloha Sage! happy dance that you are here! I love your intention! Andrea

Art of Aloha said...

Aloha, I'm new to your challenge, and excited about it too. I wrote a post on focus and linked to your blog at the end of it. Not sure that's what you had in mind, but you can see it here:

Andrea said...

Dear Patrice from Art of Aloha, thank you so much for your comment and your post. I already visited and commented on your article! This is fabulous! Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

Dear Challengers*- every blogchallenge comes with one specific question and I would love to have feedback from that one. Today's question is: Which dreams wants to unfold?
And please if you aren't a follower yet, I would love to invite you to become one.
I always visit and comment on your blogs, so let's start a dreamheartrevolution and let's spread the word.