Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My DreAm Tag

I am in the lovely Art-Network called Tag Tuesday. Every week we create one tag to a certain topic.
This week it is the letter D.

How beautiful - D- like DreAm.

I have chosen to create a tag about DreAm- because this is my life pupose. I am a Dreamcoach.

I help creative and heartcentred people to connect with their heart so that they can find their true mission and vision for their life.

And as my blog is called DreAm**heArt**sMart**ArT the choice for todays tag was very clear.

I painted this face some month ago and added the wonderful sentence: YOU CAN TRUST YOUR DREAM.

For my tag I made a copy and printed it out. I then worked with my sewing machine, glued the picture down, stamped some stars on it and enjoyed to continue in the inside.

When I work with clients I know that it is so important to make decisions. What we want in our lifes and what we want to let go of.

I have chosen that my tag is a wonderful reminder- a sweet little magic tag- that reminds me everyday to be the best I can be.

Sending you lots of Love and SWEET DreAms!


Lena said...

Wow Andrea, that IS inspiring. We often fear so much our dreams. I am right now in this situation. I have a dream but I'm not trusting it :(

thanks for sharing

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely - the power of positive thoughts! Lesley x