Thursday, 7 March 2013

In the spotlight: Jeanne Dulaney Andrus

Today's interview is with Jeanne Andrus, owner and founder of Ignite!, where I help women transform their experience of menopause into a journey of discovery filled with joy, love and laughter.

Hello and welcome to the place where bravehearts meet! I am so happy to have you here!

Please introduce yourself to my blogreaders:

I am the owner and founder of Ignite!, where I help women transform their experience of menopause into a journey of discovery filled with joy, love and laughter.

How did you find out what your calling is ?

I started my business as a personal trainer and running coach. But as I worked with women in their 40’s and 50’s, I found they needed support around the changes that come with menopause. Not just the physical changes (and temporary symptoms), but the emotional, mental and spiritual ones as well. I wanted to help women create a path through this time of their life so that they are happier, healthier and more fulfilled, rather than less.

So, now I offer wellness coaching that includes diet, exercise, stress management and how to handle the changes that occur in your body throughout the menopause experience.

Please share your favorite thing about your business:

My favorite thing is still crossing the finish line of a 5k race with a woman who never believed she could run 5 kilometers before she started working with me ! It’s just such a wonderful visual reminder of how far she’s come ! Not everyone who works with me becomes a runner, but it’s a special moment for those who do.

What was your bravest step?

On the surface, the bravest thing I ever thought I did, the one that had my heart crashing in my chest was sky-diving! I used to say it was the biggest fear I wanted to conquor, so a couple of years ago, my son and I signed up and did it. Stepping off that platform, even strapped to an experienced instructor, was big! I found out that, like so many things that fear keeps us from, it was FUN! And I want to do it again!

But, when I think about it, the moment I gave my heart to my second husband and the one where I quit my job as a computer consultant to start my business were really braver! Because marriages and businesses fail all the time, and sky divers really do land just fine almost every time!

As you know I am a Dreamcoach where I help heartcentred people connect with their passion, mission, and vision. What are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming about creating a retreat for women who just need a break! A place where they can go and re-connect with themselves, find some balance and be able to see the path open in front of them that will lead them to their hearts‘ desire.

What are your top 3 tips to keep balance as an Entrepreneur ?

My tips to keeping balance are the same for everybody , entrepreneur or not…

1.Support yourself with a healthy body– exercise every day, eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep !

2.Don’t forget to get up out of your work every once in a while and just have fun !

3.Laugh !

How can we find you?

I’m online at and I answer questions about menopause and provide information about the process of menopause (I’m currently writing a year-long series on the signs, changes and „symptoms“ of menopause) on Facebook at

Dreamheartsmartart is a place to get inspired and to share with an open heart. What would you like to offer to my readership?

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Thank you so much Andrea!

Little NOTE from Andrea:
The next interview will be up in a week.
Love and light, Andrea


Sage Grayson said...

Hi Jeanne! Great interview. I'm too scared to skydive, but I dream about running a 5K some day.

Elaine Bailey said...

Thanks Jeanne this is a great interview. I especially love the part on balance.

It's so important to step away and have FUN. Running your own business is a little addictive, especially as you're at the helm of your own ship.

Thanks for sharing!

roxane said...

Great for you both good interview !