Monday, 25 February 2013

Blogchallenge: D.E.E.P.e.N

Hello and welcome to my blogchallenge. Today's topic is DEEPeN.

This is my word for the year 2013. I am so happy that I have chosen this one. 2012 was a year where I learned so much: A lot of new skills for my coaching practise.
I took many online courses in growing my business.
Oh and all the artcourses - I love it so much.
Honestly 2012 has been a huge year in becoming the person I was longing for.

At the end of 2012 I really felt that I wanted to have a feeling of completion. First I thought that might be the word for 2013. But it went deeper than that. It took me 2-3 weeks to finally get it that it was DEEPEN.

Here is my Dreambook that I created for 2013:

I love the purple colours. And when I went deeper into it I realized the bodymovement of the women. It goes deeper down. Even the flowers have all a center point that goes deep.

So I want to deepen:
  • the connection with my heart and my loved ones
  • all the skills I already own
  • my relationship with my clients and how I can serve them even better
  • my relationship with my mastermind groups
  • my love affair with pencils, crayons and stencils
  • my connection to nature and be grounded
  • oh- I know there is so much more.

But the essence is that I have everything within.
If you want to find your "Word of the year" I highly recommend to download the
FREE Mini-E- Book from Christine Kane. It is such a great tool to set intention!
LOvE it!

Waht can you deepen in the coming week? Please share your answers in the comment below.


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Love & light


Frauke said...

I love your dreambook. The pictures really draw me in, with all the details and the images that come up in connection with them. Thank you for sharing this!

I have few clients this week, and I want to deepen my relationship with my ideal peeps (my target audience). I already got a good start, thanks to a wonderful friend, and I plan to use my time this week to look closer, get a good feel for these people and finally connect really well.

- Frauke

A Woman Who LIVED said...

This week I am deepening my vision for this year.

Sage Grayson said...

Your dreambook is beautiful, Andrea! I love how you found deepen in the woman's movement and in the flowers. I want to focus on the deeper meaning of my work and forming deeper friendships.

Here's my link for the blog challenge:

Andrea said...

Frauke- oh wow, this sounds wonderful! This is so important, it is all about connection. When we share with our hearts we really can go deep. I am whishing you a joyful week! Andrea

Andrea said...

AllWomenWhoLived- what a great intention! I love it! Thank you so much for beeing here! Love&light, Andrea

Andrea said...

Sage*Thank you! My dreambook is hanging in my living room so everyone can comment on it!

I love what you are writting here. Just take time in stillness and "go deep" into your true wisdom!

Love, Andrea

Esther Lankhaar said...

I'm still stopping by every now and then, even though I'm not contributing to the blogchallenge with an actual peace evry time. :-)
If I look at your dreamboards for 2013, this must become a very fine year for you!

Andrea said...

Esther- how lovely to see you here again. You can always link back even during the week it that spekas to you. Chances are bigger that you will get visitors if you join on Mondays. Love Andrea