Friday, 22 February 2013

In the spotlight: Sage Grayson

Today's interview is with Sage Grayson
Hello and welcome to the place where bravehearts meet! I am so happy to have you here!
Please introduce yourself to my blogreaders:
Hey there! My name is Sage Grayson, and I help busy women make their lives a little sweeter. I’m a life coach who writes about happiness, self-empowerment, and productivity.
How did you find out what your calling is ?
I’ve always been the person that my friends come to when they need advice, motivation, or a shoulder to cry on. Finding and celebrating happiness is hugely important to me, and I’ve always felt in my heart that I want to help build people up. I want everyone to feel empowered and capable.
Please share your favorite thing about your business:
What I love most about my business is when I’m able to motivate my clients to achieve their big life goals such as losing weight or finding a romantic partner. We all have dreams for how we want to live our lives, but sometimes we just need a push in the right direction. It’s such a pleasure to be their accountability buddy!
What was your bravest step?
My bravest step was when I cut off contact with my abusive family members. It was a very toxic situation, and I needed to get away from those negative people, even though at the time I had no job, no car, and very little money. Life was tough for a few months, but even when I had nothing, I was proud that I put my happiness first and got out of that awful situation.
As you know I am a Dreamcoach where I help heartcentred people connect with their passion, mission, and vision. What are you dreaming about?
I am dreaming about returning to my artistic roots. I used to draw all the time, and I almost went to art school. I still make collages and enjoy photography, but I plan to start drawing with colored pencils again. It doesn’t matter if the drawings aren’t very good—it matters that I have fun and be open to releasing the art that is still inside me.
What are your top 3 tips to keep balance as an Entrepreneur ?
1.      Schedule at least 30 minutes of “me time” every day.
2.      Turn off your computer and stop checking email when it’s family time.
3.      Break down your big projects into bite-sized tasks and do a little bit every day. Focus on the small steps rather than the enormous end goal.
How can we find you?
You can find me at Sage Grayson Coaching at
Dreamheartsmartart is a place to get inspired and to share with an open heart. What would you like to offer to my readership?
I have a special treat for your readers! You get a FREE copy of my new ebook, How to Stay Sweet in a Sour World: Your Happiness Guidebook. This ebook shows how you can find happiness in 7 key areas of your life, plus you get 7 all-new worksheets to help you get clear about what makes you happy.

Thank you for this wonderful interview, Andrea!

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Thank you so much, Sage!
Love and light,



Sage Grayson said...

Thank you so much for interviewing me, Andrea! I hope your readers like the ebook. :)

Andrea said...

Sage, you are so much welcome! And I am shure my readers will love your e-book! Love, Andrea

Martha said...

Love Sage, great interview. I'm all signed up. Following here now too :)

Andrea said...

Welcome Martha!!! Lovely to have you here! Andrea

Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

I love Sage! She offers great advice and i look. forward to her posts