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In the spotlight: Leela Somaya

Succulent Biz

Today's interview is with: Leela Somaya

Hello and welcome to the place where bravehearts meet! I am so happy to have you here!

Please introduce yourself to my blogreaders:

Leela is an Unconventional Business Coach, Wealthy Mindset Mentor, and Spiritual Lawyer.  She is also the founder of the Succulent, Savvy, Soul-full Business Revolution.  She artfully marries delicious feminine energy and nuts and bolts business strategy creating tools that are super effective and easy to implement.

If you are looking for practical business savvy that helps you magnetize ideal clients and make 6 figures and beyond while giving your greatest gifts, you don’t need to look any further.  Leela is the answer to your prayers.  

Leela has 15 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience and a lifetime of personal transformation and spiritual development that she brings to her mission of helping you to start and grow a heart-based businesses that is profitable and transforms lives.

In 2011, she left a lucrative, but uninspiring corporate career and dove into her business, quickly magnetizing her divine right clients and filling her practice within a month of launching and reaching 6 figures in her first year in business, all while working part-time.   Leela is devoted to helping you achieve similar success.

She dares, inspires and guides you to bring your WHOLE SELF to business and life … instead of holding back or pushing down parts of yourself because they don’t “fit” into some mold.

Leela has spoken alongside luminaries like Debbie Ford, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marianne Williamson, and Lynne Twist. She serves the conscious evolution of business through her private coaching, group programs and telesummits.

Leela is also a proud mommy and loving wife. She dedicates her efforts in her business to her parents who are her greatest inspiration.

How did you find out what your calling is ? 

My Inside-out Story

      What I mean by inside-out is that what I just told you about myself is more about who I am externally in the world … I want to take some time to share with you who I really am on the inside because WHY I am doing this work is just as important as the content I am bringing you today … And, my story may be part of our story in some way, or part of the stories of others you know …

      Now, I’m running my dream business. But I spent YEARS longing to start my own business — and not doing it.

      I was stuck and confused. 

      I was too big ‘n passionate ‘n fiery to work for others — but too scared to be an entrepreneur.

      I tried to convince myself I didn’t want to be an entrepreneur because I was afraid to leave the safety and security of corporate life and I got this big, tight, empty feeling in my tummy every time I thought about it …  I didn’t think I could cut it.

      I’m a lawyer and I’ve got a finance degree.  I know all that linear stuff, and I was terrified about starting a business!

      I hid in the safe, 6-figure legal consulting world.  I was making lots of money, but was totally MISERABLE, there was a chasm between me and my true purpose.

      It was a big divide in me that started when I was in business school … I sat excitedly sitting in Econ class looking at the charts on the board, eager to learn.  As I continued to look at the supply and demand model, my excitement disappeared and turned into tightness in my body. 

      I could feel pain in my heart and a burning, heavy feeling in my stomach.  My mind was saying – “You need to learn this to get your business degree.  Forget about the pain in your heart and the burning rock in your belly – we’ll deal with all that later.  You need to get this degree to be financially safe and secure.”  It didn’t feel like me talking … it was all my conditioning and I listened to it and also the animal instincts we all have for safety and security. 

      I realized that I had to just stay in my head to learn this stuff, that the fact that it seemed cold, clinical and de-humanizing didn’t matter.   I told myself I’d just have to enjoy my creativity, spirituality and personal development on the side … I can see this clearly now, but at the time, it was unconscious and it all happened in a split second that changed the trajectory of my life.    

      To jump far ahead in the story, in 2008 I just couldn’t take it anymore - I started life coaching coaching part time –

      The glimmer of a dream emerging, but still living in 2 worlds, until a car accident in 2010 and some self-destructive patterns woke me up to my misalignment.  … I had no choice.  I knew it was time for me to leap into running my own business.

      Along my journey, I met so many entrepreneurs struggling with the concrete, linear how-to’s of building their business.  

      I love the practical and the creative and spiritual and I get both worlds!  The next clue to my life calling emerged:  I want to make it easier for you to share your gifts with the world.

      I’m here to bridge the gap between creative-intuitive-soulful purpose — and nuts ‘n bolts business savvy.  I support passionate people like you in building your business success — while staying connected to your deeper power and spirit.

      I’ve dedicated my life to empowering entrepreneurs like you to create booming, profitable, heart-based businesses. I’ve tested the techniques and polished  the jewels of wisdom to help you release fears, find your power – and make a difference in the world, sharing your gifts with the people who have been waiting for you.

Please share your favorite thing about your business: 

I love that I get to help amazing women make a great living while making a huge contribution to the world.

What was your bravest step? 

Leaving a steady 6 figure income and taking the leap to start my business. 

As you know I am a Dreamcoach where I help heartcentred people connect with their passion, mission, and vision. What are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming about changing the way business is done on this planet, to shifting to a Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full way of doing business. 

What are your top 3 tips to keep balance as an Entrepreneur ?

1.      Take regular time for self-care – make appointments with yourself for exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.
2.      Choose 1-3 things that are priorities for each day and get those done

3.      Make sure to do one fun thing each day to nourish your soul, even it is just 15 minutes of reading a book.

Dreamheartsmartart is a place to get inspired and to share with an open heart. What would you like to offer to my readership?

The Succulent, Savvy, Soul-Full Business Revolution which runs until 3/22/13.  It is FREE.
You find it here.

How can we find you? 

After that, at

Thank you so much!
Please share in the comment below:
What was YOUR bravest step?
Love and light,

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