Monday, 15 October 2012

Blogchallenge: DREAM: Coming Monday 22nd october 2012

I want to start a blogchallenge! Yes, I am so inspired by this idea!

Here's how it works:

The theme is "DREAM".

You can:
write about it
share a poem you wrote or one that you love
a personal story
a quote you love
create a painting
be creative with your sewing machine
share a foto you have taken

In English or in German

Be inspired, be creative.

1. POST it on your blog -> next Monday, 22nd octobre 2012
2. Link back to
3. Come to
3. Visit my dreampost and share your link in the comments.
4. Enjoy the possibility we have to connect around the world!

Share in the comment below if you want to be part of my challenge or if you have any questions, ideas!

And then: Let's get started this week and be creative!

LOve, Andrea


Sage Grayson said...

Sounds fun! I'd love to participate in your blog challenge. :)

Andrea said...

Hi Sage! Oh, my heart sings! Welcome! I am so happy to meet you here! Love, Andrea

Kalia said...

Love this! I will be joining in the dreaming ; )

Gloria said...

Hi Andrea, Oh what fun. I'll join you. ♥

Andrea said...

Kalia! I am so happy that you will be part on my blog! "See" you tomorrow!

Andrea said...

Gloria! How wonderful to meet you here! What a great time we are having- we can connect from so far away! I am very curious what you will create! I love your paintings! Andrea