Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lesley Ninnes- Artist from St. Ives

A native of St Ives, Lesley Ninnes is a versatile artist whose career spans two decades.  With a repertoire that encompasses a range of styles, this is a person who continues to find painting an exciting, stimulating and rewarding vocation.
Interested in the effects of light and reflected light, symmetry, balance, colour and tension, her working method, whether using oil, acrylic or watercolour, is that of a building up of transparent and opaque layers.  She likes to work on several projects at once, preferably a mix of abstract and representational subjects.
Paintings evolve from ideas that have formed over time or are inspired by a particular place/weather condition, and those that start with one colour on a blank canvas.  The last is a sort of quest, reviewing, modifying and refining the painting over days or weeks until arriving at a natural conclusion.
Lesley started painting on a regular basis while living on the Island of St Helena 1984-7.  Her botanical paintings were reproduced as stamps and published in book form.  She experimented with different media while living on the Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI 1989-96, painting land and seascapes.  Returning to St Ives in 1996, she later attained an HNC in Art & Design at Cornwall College, joining Art Space Gallery co-operative in 2000.  Her paintings were selected for exhibition in the annual  ‘21st Century Watercolour’ competition at Bankside Gallery, London  2008-2009 and exhibited at Bristol Affordable Art Fair, Edinburgh Art Fair and the Northern Art Show, Harrogate and recently 2011 at Bath Society of Arts Annual Open Exhibition.
Lesley is a member of St Ives Society of Artists and St Ives Arts Club, and an associate member of Penwith Society of Arts.
 “Living here brings an awareness of the elements, the movement and moods of the sea and challenging weather conditions – wild and exciting nature up close – a never ending source of inspiration.”
“Each artwork is a new journey into the unexpected, even with an existing idea or a plan, the outcome is unpredictable.  Nevertheless, themes do emerge over months and years and previous titles are reused, differentiated by the addition of the date of completion.”

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I love Lesley's work and she is such a lovely lady to know. I hope you get to meet her one day x

Andrea said...

Dear Carloyn!!! It is because of YOU and LESLEY I could make my Inspiration week concrete! I really really wish to meet you! I am shure this will happen in 2012! Kindness, Andrea

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Andrea

Thank you for the interview, exposure of my work and links - thanks also to Carolyn for her lovely comment above!!

Having just returned from a 2 week holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca - where the sun shone almost every day - this is the first opportunity I have had to visit and read your recent blog entries.

Should you visit St Ives in 2012, please make sure to let me know and then we can all three get together. In the meantime, have a lovely week.

Lesley x