Friday, 30 September 2011

Born in St. Ives- Lesly Ninnes

Mich hat es interessiert, ob Lesley in St. Ives geboren wurde oder ob sie (wie es ein Wunsch von mir ist), nach St. Ives gezogen ist.

Hier ihre spannende Antwort:
Yes, I am lucky to have grown up here, coming from an old St Ives family, with previous generations whose lives revolved around the sea.
 The inhabitants of the Turks & Caicos Islands (where I lived from 1989-96) call themselves ‘Belongers’ and that’s how I see myself - St Ives, West Penwith, Cornwall,  is where I belong.
St Ives became popular with artists from the late 19 Century onwards attracted by the quality of light.  Click the link to find out more:
Growing up in the 50s & 60s I couldn’t help but be affected, influenced – largely unknowingly – by the presence of the artists named above, many of whom were familiar figures in and around the town on a daily basis.
As a child, summers were spent on the beach, playing and learning to swim in the harbour, searching for crabs hidden under seaweed festooning Smeaton’s Pier, watching my Dad dig for bait, climbing and running over rocks, exploring  – and of course, the sun always seemed to shine!
The light is so bright - even on a dull, misty wet day the sand glows, light just bounces off it and when the sun comes out, sea glitters and plants gleam, colours fizz with vibrant energy.
The drive to express myself through mark making is inborn.  My Grandfather painted, producing accomplished watercolours in his teens and early 20s, before the need to develop his business to support his growing family superseded his creative side.
I’m fortunate to lead to be able to live this creative life as a self employed painter and two days a week spent in paid work brings in regular income, which is always helpful given unpredictable art sales. 

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