Monday, 6 May 2013

Blogchallenge: L.e.A.P

Hello & welcome to my Blogchallenge on Monday! Today's topic is: Le.A.P

When I decided and put together all the topics for my Blogchallenge I choose them intuitively.
So what is really exiting is that I am taking a big leap in these days.

I am working on my new website. I am very happy about that decision. I do love this place here. I have really put a lot into it. Lots of energy and time and love.

But when I started to invest in my business I realized that I needed a fresh start. I need to be able to "own" my place. I need to be able to make all the decisions by myself.

It feels like I need to come home and that is why I take the leap.

When my statistics started to go higher and higher all the spamer started to come in.

So as I work as an Intuitive I really need to have my sacred space.

I am very happy about this new start and I love love love to invite you to come over the new place.

It will be ready in 1-2 weeks and for this occasion I am opening up new spots for my "In the Spotlight" Series. This is a great opportunity if you want to be interviewed and share your gifts with the world.


If you want to be featured on my new website please share it in the comments below and tell me where I can find you (Email/ FB/ Website).

Love & Light, Andrea


suzi poland said...

Thanks Andrea for another great topic in your Blog Challenge series, I have enjoyed this for allowing me to express poetically what it means to make the leap to leave my light bright studio in my village. Here is a link. you for all the wonderful topics you have posted over the last six months. Good Luck with your new website. Happy Leaping!!

Unknown said...

Dear Andrea,

It was a pleasure to think around leap. I've written something on my blog.

Cara Wilde said...

Hey Andrea,

Can't wait to see your new website, love what you said about needing it to be a sacred place. So important
Hugs to you

Patsy-Patricia said...

Hallo Andrea, I love this taking a L.e.A.P.! I too am taking a leap and ask that you consider me for your Spotlight series.. I would be honored to share with you and others!
You can find my updating website at
and it too is a work in progress!

I thank you for sharing sacred space with me!


Hanna Cooper said...

Hey Andrea, if I'm understanding the blog challenge correctly, here's my submission on LEAP!:

Thanks for leaping us all forward!


Unknown said...

Andrea, congratulations on taking the leap and truly "owning" your new website. I can totally first its like dipping your toe in and testing the waters, do I invest in me? Am I worth it? Will people want what I have to offer? What if I put $x into this and it fails? I believe by investing in a website and all that other stuff that goes with your passion it moves it from hobby to business and you invest more of your time, heart, energy as well, following the lead with of luck to you! Christie Gause-Bemis, Hot Pink YOUniversity

Karina said...

Congratulations on your Big Leap, dear Andrea! I'm really looking forward to seeing your new website. It was a big leap for me to get one too and I LOVE it. It's so funny that I posted an article about taking a big leap today.

Big hugs, Karina

Susan@Organized31 said...

Looking forward to seeing all the developments and growth!