Friday, 19 April 2013

In the Spotlight: Nikole Gipps from That Super Girl.

Today's interview is with: Nikole Gipps from That Super Girl.

Hello and welcome to the place where bravehearts meet! I am so happy to have you here!

Please introduce yourself to my blogreaders:

My name is Nikole and I am a web developer in Eugene, OR, USA. I have been working with the web for over 17 years now. At this point in my evolution, I work with entrepreneurs who are trying to launch something online such as a site, product, or service.

How did you find out what your calling is ?

I don't think I ever had that moment of OH THAT IS WHAT I AM GOING TO DO ! Really I just jumped right in and got started, figuring it out as I went. As time went on, I discovered more and more what classification of people would need my services and the needs they had in common. I used that to really hone in on the value I could provide and what I could mean to these people.

Please share your favorite thing about your business:

I love the moment when the launch goes live – when all the hard work, the sweat and tears, the late nights and strategies is suddenly OUT THERE and all the praise and response is coming in. That is the moment when I can watch my clients get excited about seeing their dreams come true, and I can be proud of my role in the process.

What was your bravest step?

I think every time I have to look at my business or model or strategy and rethink it, it is brave. It is brave to admit that maybe I'm doing something wrong, or that I'm allowing myself to go into the wrong direction. It is brave to not know the destination of my business will be, but to just go for it anyway. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart or those who are short on faith!

As you know I am a Dreamcoach where I help heartcentred people connect with their passion, mission, and vision. What are you dreaming about?

I dream of space. Space to dream, space to think, space to plan ... not feeling like I am rushing from one thing to the next and juggling 30 things at once, every second of my day. Don't get me wrong, because I love having a lot going on – it keeps me on my toes! But sometimes my head feels like a crowded fog of too muchness and I'd like to see some whitespace occasionally.

What are your top 3 tips to keep balance as an Entrepreneur ?

I think balance is one of those myths that I don't know I can acheive, especially being a mother of 2 young children on top of running my own business. Maybe no one can, I don't know. But always looking for what you can't have ... well you might as well be looking for unicorns or pots of gold. So if I had three tips, they would be : 1) Instead of looking for some perfect version of life, look at what you have and love it with all your heart. 2) Be ruthless in cutting out things that aren't working. You don't have time or energy to worry about things that are not contributing joy to your life ! 3) Schedule in some breaks, even if it's just playtime with your kids or a walk around the block. You can't just keep going full steam all the time, as you will burn out.

How can we find you?

My website, Or on Facebook at

Dreamheartsmartart is a place to get inspired and to share with an open heart. What would you like to offer to my readership?

In addition to my regular offer, I have created a special download that has tips for people to get started in marketing their business now, even before their site has launched. I think if we are talking about dreaming, we have to talk about diving in bravely – and that all begins the moment you get started.

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Thank you so much, Andrea!

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