Friday, 12 April 2013

In the Spotlight: Karina Ladet

Today's interview is with Karina Ladet

Hello and welcome to the place where bravehearts meet! I am so happy to have you here!

Please introduce yourself to my blogreaders:

Thank you so much for having me, Andrea! My name is Karina Ladet and I'm an intuitive, healer and free spirit. I'm Swedish but I live in the South of France with my French husband and our two young children. I used to work in communications/marketing at an international company but left that world to move to the countryside, have children and live a much slower and more authentic life. I started my business one year ago and I offer intuitive readings, coaching and I teach beautiful souls how to communicate with their spirit guides. I mostly work online but I also love running workshops and meeting people in real life. It's so much more difficult to hug people on Skype!

How did you find out what your calling is?

Almost 12 years ago I did a workshop where I learnt how to connect and communicate with my spirit guides and that weekend changed my life forever. As soon as I started consciously communicating with my guides I knew this was my life's purpose. I started doing readings for my friends at first and then slowly it grew from there. It took me about 10 years to find the courage to start my own business doing what I love but I am so grateful that I kept my Big Dream inside my heart during all those years.

Please share your favorite thing about your business:

There are so many amazing things about my business but if I have to choose only one it would have to be when a client can feel that what she already knows intuitively is true. That moment when a client can feel that she is surrounded by guides and angels or when she knows in her heart that someone who died is still present (but in a different form) - that is pure magic! I feel so honored and blessed to be doing this work.

What was your bravest step?

To start my own business! I kept pushing the date forward thinking I had to wait for the perfect time. Until I realized that moment would never come and that I had to do it when I felt the desire to start. Once that was done I was in the flow. Exposing myself and talking about my work (= marketing) has also been a big challenge for me.

As you know I am a Dreamcoach where I help heartcentred people connect with their passion, mission, and vision. What are you dreaming about?

I dream of travelling the world and offering live workshops in many different countries and teaching at beautiful retreats in Australia.

What are your top 3 tips to keep balance as an Entrepreneur?

Balance is so important and my top 3 ways to stay happy and present are:

·                     Get enough rest

·                     Switch off the computer, mobile phone, TV

·                     Go outside

How can we find you?

Unless you run into me when I'm out walking in the mountains I can be found on my website or I also love chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

Dreamheartsmartart is a place to get inspired and to share with an open heart. What would you like to offer to my readership?

I would love to offer a Communicate With Your Spirit Guide Kit 1 to one lucky winner:

The Communicate with your Spirit Guide Kit is an enchanted journey that will take you into the world of magic and love that is already a part of You. During this time you will learn very simple but powerful tools to help you remember how to communicate consciously with your Guide.
You are a Beautiful Soul and your Guide is always by your side. They are here to help you and support you at all times. Maybe you have already sensed them or even communicated with them but you have a deep longing to reconnect with them on a regular basis.
I am so grateful and happy to be sharing this beautiful journey of discovering a part of yourself.

If you would like to win one, please sign up HERE: You will also get my monthly Love Letters here .

Thank you so much Andrea for beeing part of your Spotlight Series.

Love and light,




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