Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Doors are OPEN now

Doors are open for Christine Kane’s 2013 Uplevel Your Business Program & Blueprint!
Christine Kane is my Coach and I have only 3 words: I love her!
It is absolutely brilliant and if you are an Artist or an Entrepreneur, a Visionary, a Believer- then this program is FOR YOU!
I am very honest in saying that I am an Affiliate.  If you choose to join our tribe I would so love to gift you with a FREE 30 minutes Coaching Session with me where we get clear about what you want in your life, what is in the way and what you can do to make your BIG dream happen.
You can sign up through this Link.

This is me with Christine at our Gold Academy Mastermind- Event in november 2012.
This picture was taken at the Uplevel Your Business Retreat in Atlanta in July 2012.
For me Christine's Programs and now her Gold Academy is a BIG YES to my vision and she helps me so much to get clear about my gifts, about all the values I offer to the world and she gives me the tools to be able to run my own business.
Since I made this clear decision to invest in myself, my business became wings.
I truly adore the way she teaches us.
So if you feel that you want to invest in your growth- then I highly recomend to step in to your power and get the guidance from her. You can get all the infos HERE.

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