Monday, 14 January 2013

Challenge! Let's start a revo-Dreamheart-lution in 2013!

Hello Braveheart!

I got so many questions about the next blogchallenge! So today I am happy to announce that I have ALL the dates and challenge topics updatet!

Here we go!

How it works:
Every second or sometimes even every Monday we will inspire each other with our creativity! To make brave steps, to listen to our heart, to make a difference it this world!

You will know the topic and you create a blogpost about it. Everything is possible! Do what you love! Paint, write, take fotos, make collages, poems... get inspired and inspire others.
My blog is written in English (imperfectly) and sometimes also in German.

You will:
First please become a follower of my blog.
Then you create your challenge and post it on your blog or website.
Link back to my blog.
Leave a comment here on my post.
Link back to your blog.

That's all.
Have fun!

We are honest.
We do not write rubbish.
We are careful with our comments.
We love and respect each others.
We comment on other blogs.

Dates& topics: 2013


28th: Alignement

4th: Focus
11th: Allowing
18th: Deliberate
25th: Deepen

March:4th: Mastery
18th: Release

1st: Vibrance
15th: Ease
29th: Leap

Love&light, Andrea


Yvonne Moxon said...

Hi Andrea, I noticed you are on our Tag Tuesday participant list, I look forward to seeing your A-Z tags on the blog. Yvonne

Andrea said...

Dear Yvonne! Hello and welcome! Yes indeed I am on Tag Tuesday and I visited Carolyn twice last year.
So happy to connect with creative bravehearts! Love, Andrea

Diana Taylor said...

Hi Andrea, I just found you on Tag Tuesday and I'm having a snoop around your blog - it looks really interesting - can anyone join in the challenges?
Look forward to seeing you on Tag Tuesday.

Andrea said...

Welcome Diane, oh yes absolutely everyone can join it! Will you be on board? That would be wonderful!Love and light, Andrea

Sofia Dabalsa said...

Love this idea Andrea! I will write for this challenge.

Andrea said...

Sofia- hello and welcome! I am so happy that you will be part of my challenge! Love, Andrea