Monday, 6 August 2012

Wonderful Atlanta!

I hardly can't believe it but my dream has come true and I visited Atlanta!
The journey was quite hard! I got evacuated by the police in New York City (JFK), lost my connecting flight to Atlanta, finally got there and had a real challenging taxi-journey (saw the bad guys in the dark night) and arrived 24 hours later in the hotel.

I finally arrived! The Uplevel your business event with Christine Kane started!
And it was such a greta start!

I met 200+ Entrepreneurs from all over the world! The room was full of joy and energie! We had londgdays, from 9am to 9pm. I learned so much, we had great discussions- but the most important thing was: we focused and we got much more clearer!
Clarity is key!

Ich fasse es kaum, doch ich war tatsächlich in Atlanta und mein Traum hat sich erfüllt!
Ich hatte eine eher schwere Hinreise mit allem Drum und Dran: Evakuierung im Flughafen von JFK, Anschlussflug nach Atlanta verpasst, mit dem Taxi durch die wohl gefährlichsten Quartiere geheizt und am Ende, nach 24 langen Reisestunden bin im Hotel angekommen!
Ich war da! Und Uplevel your business mit Christine Kane konnte starten!
Und was für ein Start es war!

200+ Entrepreneurs aus aller Welt haben sich im Saal versammelt!
Von 9.00- 21.00 Uhr wurde gelernt, gesprochen, diskutiert, verworfen- und vor allem eins: fokussiert! Klarheit ist der Schlüssel von allem.

Love, Andrea

Hattest du auch einmal eine "herausfordernde"Reise? Oder falls du auch am Event warst, wäre ich überglücklich, wenn du darüber einen Kommentar hinterlässt!

Please share your story about an exceptional journey in the comment below! Or if you have been to the event, I would love to read about your experience!


Herdis Pala said...

Hi Andrea - here I will Hinterlasse mein Komment :)

This whole UYB-Atlanta-thing was just so awesome, I haven´t been able to write about it, still processing all my thoughts!

But it sure was great to get to know you, looking forward to meet you in November :)

All my best,
Herdis Pala

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Andrea, so glad that you got there! What an eventful journey. Pleased too that the business event fulfilled your expectations. x

Andrea said...

It was a pleasure to meet you! And happy to see you again in november!!! Love, Andrea

Andrea said...

@Lesley! It was really a huge adventure! I am happy to see you soon, in september in St. Ives! Will you come to my mime performance the 22nd? Love, Andrea

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Yes I will! Is the performance in the daytime or evening? Lesley x

suzi poland said...

Andrea, so glad you finally made it, that trip sounds a challenge, but really glad your found it inspiring. All the best with everything that comes from it. :)