Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sweet handcrafted bags

#1 Apfelkuchen- Applepie

Diese Täschchen habe ich selbst entworfen und nach meinem Gusto genäht. Mir gefällt dieses Apfelmuster. Es erinnert mich an den Apfelkuchen zu Grossmutters Zeiten.

I love sewing and I created these bags by myself. I love the pattern of the apples. This reminds me of the happy time with my grandmother and her applepie.

#2 Babuschka

Lustige und farbenfohe Figürchen tanzen auf dieser Borte! Ich habe mich ganz vernarrt in die Kombination der Stoffe. Gelbe Punkte, blaues Karo und meine Glückspilzchen Tupfen.

Very colourful and happy girls are dancing on this bag. I've really fallen in love with the combination of the yellow and red polka dots and the blue squared.

#3 Sweety
Pastell und orange und lachsfarben ergeben dieses süsse Täschli. Da passen viele hübsche Dinge rein.

Pastell colours, orange and salmon in combination let this bag shine as my sweety! Let's put some nice things in it.

#4 Glückspilzchen- happy mushroom*

lucky beggar

Jeder Mensch darf ein Glückspilzchen sein!!! So ist es!

Every person has the right to be a happy person (happy mushroom ist the word by word translation for Glückspilzchen)! In English the correct translation means

lucky beggar

Be happy!!!

Die ganze Familie***the whole family!

Falls du Freude am Kauf  von einem Täschchen hast, lass es mich wissen.
If you are interessed in buying one of my bags, drop me a line!


Dein Kommentar macht mich zu einem Glückspilz.

I am a
lucky beggar when I read your comment!


Sondra said...

I love your bags! Just adorable. And your banner and blog images are really lovely. Best wishes, Sondra

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Love the bags you have made Andrea - especially the one with the apple pattern. Have a good week. Lesley x

Andrea said...

Thank you Sondra and Lesley! It was an adventure to create them because you never know how they look until they are finished.