Friday, 9 March 2012


Ich bin ein wahrer Fan von Collagen und habe auch schon verschiedene Workshops genommen. Claudine Hellmuth ist eine tolle Collage-Expertin und ihre Workshops machen sehr viel Spass.

Zudem mache ich immer meine Dreambook und dort blühe ich regelrecht auf!
Ich zeige heute ein paar meiner Collageübungen, Collagebilder.

Ich freue mich über deinen Kommentar oder deine Fragen. Merci!

I am a huge fan of collages and I already took some workshops. Claudine Hellmuth is one of the greatest collage teacher I had. It is a lot of fun!

In my dreambooks I always feel so light so inspired! So today I want tto share some of my collages.
Enjoy and please leave a comment or ask me any questions!


Tag Thuesday: Theme-> Birds

Übung zum Thema Horizon***Exercice of an horizontal collage:

Zum Spass, um meine Nähfreude mit Collage zu verbinden*** Just for fun to relate my love for sewing in a collage:

Traumhaus*** House of dream:

Noch nicht fertig*** not finished yet:

Love&Kindness, Andrea



Really lovely collages Andrea. I hope when you get this message that you had a safe journey home. It was really great to meet you and spend some nice times together. Thank you for my beach treasure that you gave to me ... the very special pieces of pottery. Hope you are still in love with St. Ives

love and blessings
Carolyn x

stephanie levy said...

Your collages are absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

Andrea said...

Dear Stephanie, thank you so much for your comment! I am happy that I will be on your e-course! This will be so inspiring!!!

Andrea said...

Lesley, I am deeply in LOVE with St.Ives! Absolutly where my heart belongs too. And I loved the visit in your gallery, your work is beautiful!